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In 2014, when Reno resident Michelle Faurot decided to form an all-woman cycling team to compete in the storied Race Across America (RAAM), she knew she had her work cut out for her. It wasn’t just the eight months of intensive training or the extensive logistics required to get eight cyclists 3,004 miles across the country that challenged her. The team needed a cause they could believe in – beyond chasing a new women’s team record (which, by the way, they earned).

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A typical birthday for most people involves a couple of presents, a few texts from friends, and perhaps culminates in a dessert topped by a lit candle brought into a dim room by a handful of singers. 

But Barbie Marcoe, whose birthday happens to be the same day as this interview, isn’t most people. 

“We’re expecting 60 high schoolers to be here today, starting in just a few minutes,” she calls out across the room as a volunteer walks through the door on this gray Friday morning. “And I have the perfect job for you!” 

Heart Social causes, philanthropy, giving back.

As one of the top students in his elementary school, Don Gallimore was selected to integrate his Wisconsin junior high school in 1968. He then went on to be one of just a few black students at his high school. He remembers when another black student, the school football star, was selected by the student body to be prom king. When the white prom queen was announced, the ensuing uproar caused the administration to cancel prom altogether.

Heart Social causes, philanthropy, giving back.

Amy Dewitt-Smith has combined two big ideas — senior villages and the community time exchange— to create the Neighbor Network of Northern Nevada, also known as N4. The new non-profit organization is committed to connecting people and giving them the tools to help each other. While it is available for anyone who would like to participate, it has a focus of seniors and people with disabilities.